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Treating Customers Fairly

Mann Island Finance is committed to treating its customers fairly. This means that customers who deal with us should have confidence at each stage of our relationship that:

  • the fair treatment of customers is central to our corporate culture; 
  • our products and services are designed to meet the needs of specific customer groups and will only be marketed in a way which is consistent with that design; 
  • they will receive appropriate and “clear, fair and not misleading” information from us both during and after the sales process; 
  • where we make a product recommendation to you, this will be suitable and take due account of your circumstances; 
  • the nature of our activities and the way we undertake them, including our use of your personal data, will be as we have led you to expect and our service will be of a high standard and also meet your expectations; and 
  • we won’t put unreasonable barriers in your way should you wish to complain, change the way you would like us to arrange finance for you or end our relationship.

These commitments go above and beyond our compliance with applicable legislative requirements (including the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority) because we recognise that, even where we have complied with the detailed rules, we may still not have delivered the outcome which we led you to believe you would get or which you had the right to expect.

We also seek to apply the same standards of integrity and even-handedness in our dealings with all our business partners, including funders and suppliers and whether you are a business or individual customer.

In return, we ask that you:

  • provide us with accurate and complete information when you apply for finance; 
  • let us know of any changes in your circumstances which might affect your application; 
  • contact us if immediately you are unclear about any aspect of your finance application or unsure whether you may be able to afford the proposed payments; 
  • ensure you understand the commitment you are making and the terms and conditions on which the finance product is being offered to you and, in particular, satisfy yourself that you can afford the payments.